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General Rules

1. This tournament will take place on Saturday May 16th. First lines in the water at 6:00 AM. All pictures have to be posted to the iangler app by 1:00 PM. 

2. No Artificial baits will be permitted. 

3. No boundaries. Fish where you are most comfortable competing. 

4. Leader release pictures must include the following

              A. Fish under control boat side (fish must be clearly visible)

              B. Clear leader touch


RELEASE- Is defined as a fish under control boat side to allow for a clear picture with leader visible. Swipe and go leader touches will not count. Fish must be under control.

Pictures must include both requirements or will not count.

5. No gaffs or landing devices are permitted. Hands must stay out of the Tarpon's gills at all times.  

6. All fish estimated to be under 3 feet to the fork in length will not count. (If you think it is close add a picture of the fish taped off).

7. Tarpon must be caught on manually operated tackle.

8. Chumming of any kind is prohibited. 

9. Dead fish will not count and must swim away. This will be a question on the lie detector. We strongly recommend you video your releases.

10. No more than three lines in the water at one time. Rods being used to catch bait are included in the three lines in the water rule. Tournament boats may carry as many occupants as their vessel legally allows as long as their is no more than three lines in the water at one time. 

11. Everyone on the boat is eligible to cast and land fish as long as there is never more than three lines in the water at one time.

12. Sportsman Rule - All participants in Pirate Tarpon Tournament will conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner during all tournament activities. This includes prior to and following all tournament events. Unacceptable behavior will result in expulsion from all future Pirate Tarpon Tournament  events. Derogatory comments and or unacceptable use of social media is also grounds for expulsion from future events. Disqualification or misconduct in any other fishing tournament within 36 months prior to the tournament date is grounds for an application not being accepted or returned. The Pirate Tarpon Tournament may refuse any tournament application, or deny a previous application by returning the entry fee or balance of fees to the Captain.


13. Polygraph tests will be given within a two week period following the event scheduled at the captains convenience. Each Team agrees to submit to a polygraph examination by entering the tournament. Failure to be available for the polygraph exam is grounds for disqualification. The captain will take the polygraph test. If the Director or polygraph determines that an angler is unable to take a polygraph test, all prizes and points will be forfeited.

14. If the National Weather Service declares a Tropical Storm Warning or Hurricane Warning the tournament will be rescheduled for the following day Sunday May 17th. Tournament times will stay the same from 6:00AM to 1:00PM. 

15. Everyone participating in this tournament will participate at their own risk.


16. Protests are allowed up to 60 minutes after the tournament closes (1:00 PM). All protests must be in email to and accompanied by $300 fee. If protest is upheld, the fee will be returned, If denied, tournament will retain the protest fee to pay for the polygraph exam. A polygraph test will be given to determine protest. 

17.  The angler who hooks the fish is allowed to pass the rod off in order to encourage youth anglers to participate and keep a fresh angler on the rod to reduce stress on the fish. The angler who hooks the fish will receive credit for the fish when it comes to qualifying for youth division, female division and military division prizes. 

18. Teams may not receive Tarpon information during tournament hours from teams competing or not competing. 

19. Teams are allowed to switch boats during tournament hours if a mechanical errors occur but must notify the tournament director. 

20. In the event of a tie the team who's final release is registered to Iangler earlier wins the tie breaker. This will encourage anglers to land their fish as quickly as possible in an effort to reduce the amount of stress the tarpon is under. Example Below:


Team 1

Leader Touch 1 - 8:05 AM

Leader Touch 2 - 9:10 AM

Leader Touch 3 - 9:55 AM

Leader Touch 4 - 10:35 AM

Team 2

Leader Touch 1 - 8:30 AM

Leader Touch 2 - 9:05 AM

Leader Touch 3 - 9:55 AM

Leader Touch 4 - 10:20 AM

Team 2 wins the tie breaker because last release was completed earlier.

*If a tie still remains following this procedure then the first team that registered will break the tie.  

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