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Tournament Information

Our goal is to provide a professional fishing tournament that will allow anglers to compete against each other from all over the state while still being able to fish the techniques each competing angler prefers. The unique element this tournament presents is the ability to catch Tarpon several different ways in several different locations instead of limiting anglers to one style or area of fishing. This will be a leader touch competition with an effort to focus on protecting our fish during competition. All proceeds from this tournament will benefit the Port Charlotte High School Football Program. To learn more about the program your money is benefiting please click on the tab "Where your money is going".

How it works:

This will be a photo based release tournament that allows anglers to fish where they prefer. In the effort of eliminating controversy (this is a fundraiser) and leveling the playing field artificial baits will not be permitted in this tournament. The morning of the tournament all teams may begin fishing at 6:00 AM (first cast) Cell phone time will be used as the official tournament time. Once a team lands a fish they must have it under control boat side and take a picture with the leader and fish clearly visible. All pictures should be sent to the iangler app. All pictures have to be sent by 1:00 PM. 1:01 PM is considered late. If there is a tie the team who's finalize release was logged first wins the tie breaker. Once the tournament has ended winners will be notified by a call from the tournament director. The final results will be posted to this website. The winning captain will have two weeks following the tournament to arrange a polygraph examination at their convince. Tournament winnings will not be rewarded until polygraph examination is completed. 

1. Register online by going to tournament registration tab at top and filling out registration form. 

2. Pay online with link provided below tournament registration. (PayPal)


3. Once you are registered you will receive an email from the tournament director with information how to log into the Iangler app.

4. Practice logging your catch on the iangler app. It is advised several different team members practice logging their catch. All team members will use the same login info. An Informational link on how to log your catch is provided below. 

5. The morning of May 16th begin fishing at 6:00am. 

6. The tournament ends May 16th at 1:00pm.

7. Every team that finished in the money will be notified by a call from the tournament director. 

8. The final results will be posted on this website.

9. Tournament winner will receive a call from the polygraph examiner to arrange polygraph examination. (must be within two weeks of tournament)


10. All checks will be mailed to the captains of the teams finishing in the money.  

Information how to use the Iangler App (used for logging catches during tournament)-

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